Friday, June 08, 2007


Some dikes have been topped up to hopefully hold back the rising waters. B.C.s premier Campbell is visiting with US polititians today, druming up interest for the 2010 Olympics. Gee, I hope the extra funds spent on these recent improvements dont worry him too much. We wouldn't want him to concern himself with getting his Gucci loafers wet! That isn't the river you see here, merely overflow from the slough. There was a report of 8 foot stugeon sighted in a slough. They come up in high water to nibble the fresh shoots.

Locals wait for more sand to be delivered in order to fill a temporary dike on this waterfront property.
Concrete blocks have been strapped to this old dock to weight it down. Another couple of feet of water and it could be in danger of rising up off its moorings. The pigions are inspecting the work.
What ramp? Probably a good thing it is out of use now, as the river is too dangerous for pleasure craft.


Walker said...

When you need rain it's never there and when you don't want it, it never stops.

I am sure he wouldn't mind getting his Gucci shoes wet, he could always get the tax payer to cover for the new ones to replace them.

Those pigeons look like the could do a better inspection that some of the inspectors we have here making sure everything is up to code or was that making sure they get their cut from the contracters, I don't remember which.

Have a great weekend

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