Monday, June 04, 2007


This week Keith's Dad spent a few days here lending a hand with a few odd jobs. Keith could do it all himself, but I suggested he ask his dad to help. For one, Keith doesn't have much spare time on his hands. He's been out of town for work more than he has been home lately. Dad was more than happy to be asked. I think it made him feel good to be asked. I know he is proud of Keith and how handy he is. his Dad taught him so much of what he knows. So to be asked to help, makes him feel like he is still needed, which he is!

In this photo, Dads experienced hand Guides My 18 year old sons hands as he drills. I am so glad I had the camera handy to catch this moment. These are the moments a boy will always cherish. It may seem like work, when your friends are out at the beach, but in years to come, he will look back on these days and hold dear, these lessons Grandpa taught him.
They put up new stairs to our deck and built new side fences and a gate. The old ones were the originals from when the house was built forty years ago. They were beginning to rot.

The fence and gate were being held together with boards screwed allover the back of them to stop the dog from getting out. I was worried that a strong wind might actually push it right over as the posts were totally rotten.
So they were well over due to be replaced. Here Keith and his Dad lean on the newly built stairs while he and Keith inspect the gate that Dad made from scratch. A good solid gate. That's the dogs tail in the bottom right corner! A-waggin' as always!!
And now, the tradition of manly knowledge is being passed down to the next generation. David , seems to be a natural with tools He just has the 'gift', you might say. There is a wonderful bond between this boy and his 74 year old Grandfather. They seem to understand each other. Both have a knack for speaking their mind, not always diplomatically!!! Which gets them both into hot water at times.

Here they are drilling guide holes for the bolts that will hold the hinge to the gatepost. Grandpa, who still thinks of himself as quite a lady killer, doesn't mind sharing a few off colour jokes with his Grandson. Comments like " I'll tell you something , when I was your age I was a force to be reckoned with." And you can guess when the screws were being driven into the wood what sort of remarks were made. "Screw it in nice and firm David, just like a woman, nice and tight!" David was trying so hard not to laugh, I thought he might pop a hernia!
While they worked away, Dad shared stories about the hardships of growing up on a Prairie Farm. At one point they took time out to play guitar. Keith's dad impressed David to no end with his musical talent. He can sing and play, making a song sound pretty good all with two notes on the guitar, and a strumming technique to be envied. All the while his foot stomping along in time. The big reward at the end of a hard, hot day was when Grandpa gave David a cold beer. They drank their brew, with the sort of camaraderie only men who have toiled together can share. And another reason why David thinks his Grandpa is so cool. What sweet memories were made here this week. For a boy standing in the gateway to manhood and for an old man with a lifetimes memories and knowledge to share.


Annie said...

What a blessing to have this guide available to help your son become a man, Susan. Of course all of you have been guiding him over the years, each in your own way. What a man he will be!

Bobbie said...

What a wonderful story about a boy and his grandfather. Your analogy at the end of the post sums it all up - "For a boy standing in the gateway to manhood and for an old man with a lifetimes memories and knowledge to share." David will treasure his grandfather's wisdom when he gets older.

Hope you have a great week.

mom said...

Super post Susan. It was great that the two men got such quality time together. Something David will remember all his life.

Happy birthday my (not so tiny anymore) baby girl. Seems hard to believe that 42 years have passed since my firstborn miracle came into this world. I was truly awed when I looked into your big blue eyes, I couldn't really believe that I was responsible for this tiny life and was terrified at the prospect. At that time I just asked God to be with me and help me to carry out this huge task.

With His help, your dad and I managed to raise you and your three sisters, into beautiful, caring women. All of you now enjoying your own children.

Penny Halston said...

Your post made me smile, remembering my FIL and the moments he shared with my children. He played the harmonica and accordian. I know my son's musical talent came from him. It's really special that you could capture this day in photos.

Dina said...

wow what a great post !! and some good looking handsome men too you have there hheheh!!

isabella said...

Great post! Made me wistful for my grandparents who are no longer with us..

leslie said...

What an awesome tribute to the men in your family! It must have been heartwarming watching them work together - teaching and learning.

Anonymous said...