Friday, May 04, 2007


I have had a very busy week. Sometimes it is hard to remember that I actually do work part time! Lately it feels like I never stop!
Last Wednesday morning I picked Keith up at Vancouver airport. He had been out of town for work for a week. That afternoon I worked the evening shift.

Then I had three days off, so last Thursday, I drove to and from my parents place, as described in the previous post. I got back on Saturday night.

I got to see Keith on Sunday morning, then I went to do my 3-11 shift. I ended up having to do a double shift so worked right through the night. Keith had to go back up north again on Monday morning, so he popped by the hospital on his way to the airport at 5am to say good bye since I won't see him for a week. At 7 am , dead tired from a 16 hour shift, I went home to bed.

I only got 5 hours sleep and had to be back to work the same day at 3pm for my afternoon shift. When I got home at 11pm, my dad was at my house. He had come down to help my sister Carol move. Thank goodness for that. We hadn't expected Keith to be called away, so she had lost her main moving man! We had to get everything moved by the 3rd because Carol was leaving to a tropical holiday on the 4th. So the next morning, Tuesday, My dad and I helped Carol move most of her stuff using my mini van and his pick up. I only helped until 1 pm then had to get ready for work. I had to be there an hour early that day for an inservice. I finally got a day off on Wednesday. I only got the one day off this week. It felt like I had worked a whole week, rather than just three days. But that overtime night shift really took the wind out of my sails. That's why I dont do many double shifts.

Carol had a deal with her new landlady that if she cleaned the place herself, she would not have to make a damage deposit. I went over in the morning and helped her wash walls and inside kitchen cupboards etc. Most of Carols things have been in storage for a couple of years so everything had to be washed as we unpacked, and she seemed to have soooo many dishes! While I scrubbed, Dad assembled beds and such. 10 o clock that night we finally got to sit down! WOW, what a relaxing day off that wasn't!
On Thursday morning, I helped her with a few more things and we went out for lunch. Back off to work I went again. Really starting to feel exhausted now! Today, Friday, I have my last shift. Then I have four days off. I really need these days to recouperate! Keith gets back on Monday so by the time he gets home, I will have had time to get my own house in shape, it was neglected this week. Plus I have to clean our suite downstairs that Carol had been occupying and move our stuff back into it.

The kids will finally have their 'hang out' back. Their TV is presently crammed in a bedroom, as are two easy chairs, their foozeball table, D&D gaming table, weights and drum set! That all need moving back in, with the help of the kids! I will be taking my books out of the boxes and filling the bookshelf again. The boys will get their own bathroom back so we won't have such a line up in the upstairs biffy now!
I have enjoyed having Carol and her kids with us. For the most part it has been a good couple of years. But now that she is moved, it will sure be nice to have some breathing room. Being back to a population of 5 will seem like the place is practically deserted!
So Keith will get back to a clean house and we will have a couple off days off together. Hopefully we will be able to relax and enjoy a bit of peace and tranquillity. I wonder what the chances are that something may come up and blow that plan? Time to turn off the cell phones!

This morning my boss called and wants me to work one of my days off. Guess what I am going to tell her!


Bobbie said...

I sure hope you use your 4 days off to get some rest and relaxation. You must be pooped!

Carol must be happy to have her own place now. You're such a great sister and have done so much for her. I hope she enjoys her vacation.

Take care and enjoy your days off!

Dina said...

OH!! sure hope you will say no for the day into work!! you sure need those days off , sounds like you had a non stop week, reading it alone made me feel breathless.

Herman Verbrugge said...

At the end of your post I was exhausted, now I need a couple of days off too :-)
I guess you are telling your boss you accept what she wants.... or NOT?

Monica said...

Kudos to your sister for her move and her holiday. And kudos to you for being a great sister to her when she needed you. :)

Anonymous said...