Saturday, May 12, 2007

English Bay

Happy Mothers Day. I put my mothers day post on my Maple Ridge Daily Photo Blog, pop by if you like. Hope this is a great day for all you moms.
Saturday, and both of us are off for the weekend. To heck with the chores, said the Lord and Master. As hard as I tried to convince him to do yard work, he insisted we go out and have some R&R. (Oh well, on Mothers Day I have my choice of activity right? Power Washer here we come!) So, off we went to English Bay in Vancouver. It was a perfect sunny day, with just enough haze to give to mountains that ultimate Vancouver look to them. Each mountain is defined in a different shade of blue, which is weird really, considering they are actually green! I remember something in science class about the chlorophyll absorbing certain colours and reflecting others. That was too long ago to recall the details! The freighters you see in the harbour, are waiting for Keith to get his butt back to work, instead of strolling along the beach, so they can load up with coal, sulphur or potash. He's a cargo surveyor. Did you now that? Well, now you do!

Most of the Vancouver beaches are lined with rows of logs. Every winter, more drifting logs wash up on these beaches, having broken loose of their booms during strong weather. The parks board lines them up strategically along the sand. People use them as benches, wind-breaks or lean-to's. The Parks Board also sifts the sand regularly to remove any potential dangers from the sand, such as syringes or broken glass. To the right of me you see the trees of Stanley Park.

There were so many people out enjoying the day. This group of young people found a handy place to hang out on the beach sculpture. They made me think of my own kids and how they all have such nice friends. But if you enlarge it, you will see that two of the young ladies are giving me the backwards victory sign, now does that mean PEACE or UP YOURS? Why cant they just smile for the strange woman with the camera?

Behind where I stood to take this, were a group of Hare Krishna's playing drums and flutes, filling the air with a wistful melody, it mingled on the breeze with pot fumes. Marijuana seems to be smoked in Vancouver area beaches as though it were actually legal. And just across the road is this group of flags which changes to suit the cause of the moment, be it Cancer, Olympics, Canada Day and today they were waving in support of MS. So this one is for Vickie. If you are from Vancouver, or even if you aren't. Pop by and tell her Vancouver is waving flags for her on Susan's blog! LOL!


Chana said...

hello beautiful. glad to stop by to wish you a fantastic day of mother appreciation and of kisses and hugs..hope you enjoy the the pics!

Walker said...

R&R is good, I'm sure the chores will wait for another day.
I'm sure Vickie would love Vancouver especially with the weather you have been getting.

Have a Happy Mother's Day

Bobbie said...

Nice pictures Susan! I'm glad you and Keith got a day of R&R at the beach.

Have a great Mother's Day!

Vickie said...

Happy Mother's Day. Thank you for sharing more beautiful pictures, I especially enjoyed the one of the MS. You knew it would touch me and be near and dear to me.

April and May both are used to raise awareness to the disease. Thank you for doing your part here.

You are a special, caring, and loving person. Thanks for the mention and for thinking of me when you saw these flags.

Again, Happy Mothers Day and I hope your day was special.

leslie said...

Lucky you to get to English Bay yesterday. It WAS a gorgeous spring day - perfect for strolling the beaches. My daughters and 3-yr-old grandson came over for the afternoon and we had fun playing in the yard - kicking a ball, playing catch, and badminton. Then a nice stroll into our village with little Noah thrilled to be riding his bike with the training wheels. Hope you had a great Mom's Day and didn't have to do any power washing yourself. :D

Josie said...

Susan, I was at that very spot yesterday. Maybe we were there at the same time. What a hoot!

Beautiful photos.


Michael Manning said...

Very nice travelogue, since it's been ages since I've been in Canada!

Mauro C. said...


I tagged you to play in the "3 Things You Love"... a Meme created by me!

I hope that you can be part of it :)

Best regards from Portugal

sharon said...

English Bay is so beautiful. My brother lives in Beach Towers overlooking the beach. The view is spectacular! Sounds like you had a really nice weekend. Good for you. As usual your photos rock.

Monica said...

Lovely pictures. You make me want to live close to the beach even more than I already do. :)

Anonymous said...