Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mr B.

Good Bye Mr B.
He was tall and lanky. Deaf as a post, always had a ready smile and bright blue eyes. You could hear him coming down the hall as he always shuffled his slippers along the floor. He shared his name with our local Volcano. We used to tease him that they named it after him because he was so wonderful.

It doesn't matter how often patients die, it doesn't get any easier to say good bye. Mr. B passed away this afternoon. He didn't suffer long. He had the sort of death we could all only hope for. Surrounded by Friends and family, after being bedridden for just the weekend. For that I am grateful. But there is still a lump in my throat and a heavy feeling in my chest.

The hardest part is comforting the families. In residential care, you really get to know the families. So when Mr B's son came to me in tears, I put my arm around him. Maybe its not "Professional" but how can you not hug someone who is hurting and obviously reaching out for comfort.

I'll miss him. but tomorrow his room will be packed up , cleaned and someone else will move in. Business as usual, life goes on.

But not for Mr B.


Dina said...

Oh!! what a coincidence, my husband's uncle passed away too and we had his funeral on Monday. I say goodbye to all the departed!!

Bobbie said...

That must be the hardest part of your job - when a patient passes away. I'm glad Mr. B. had a peaceful passing. I'm glad you were there for his family.

Take care and hope the rest of your week goes well.

Monica said...

How sad. It sounds like he had a peaceful passing, though.

I was thinking about your comment about my old friend. The man I mentioned who told me I would be okay? Was my stepdad. He died 20 years ago. My mama heard me talking to him that night, she said his name was the only thing she could make out for awhile there.

ellen said...

Hugging a grieving person may not be "professional" but it is human and compassionate, and that's more important, in my book.

Anonymous said...