Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Friday

Happy Good Friday y'all.
I wish every day could be like this. Today was a stat holiday. So every one was off work. Working in a hospital doesn't necessary guarantee that I ll be off on a stat, but this one I was off! Keith and I headed out to his office in the morning. He had to spend about an hour at the office which is just across the road from a really nice waterfront park. So armed with my camera, I went off in search of photo material while he got his work done.

It was such a gorgeous day. The park was swarming with families. There is a boat launch there and it was busy. Today the weather was absolutely fabulous. Sunny and finally warm.. no ... hot! Until now, there has been a cool breeze, even on sunny days. Today that coolness was gone and it was t shirt weather.
This cute little boat was left at the edge of the water. Next to the glamorous high speed boats, this little row boat called out to me. After a while, the owner showed up . An older man with his little pooch. He told me that he had had this boat kicking around for thirty odd years. He likened it to the same style as the viking long boats. Ok sir, whatever you say! Then he put poochy on board and shoved off for a row about the inlet.

I could have stayed there all day watching people. From the elderly couple enjoying ice-cream cones to the single mom with her toddler.
I really enjoy people watching. I am getting braver at taking photos of strangers. And actually I find sometimes people even smile for me, like the girl with her kayaks. Many boats launched in the time I was there, and I wasn't alone in my interest. People lined the pier, watching pleasure craft set off for a day on the water. I've never seen it this busy here, It's as though people are afraid it won't last and want to be out to enjoy the sun. Remember, it was just on Monday that we had snow .

We left the park before long. We had work to do at home. I had bought the stain a few days ago to paint the shingle siding and Keith had tiles to install as a back splash above our kitchen counters. I got my painting finished and came in to make dinner. Salmon and Greek salad, brown and wild rice and pita bread with tzatiki sauce. Yum , I love Greek food. The lemon and garlic goes down so nice with a bit of white wine. Maybe too much white wine! Walker, you may consider this an almost drunken post!


Sienna said...

What beautiful pictures, what a contrast our countries are...I swear I saw that dog's tale wagging, you can see the spring in people's step, what a wonderful place Canada must be in spring...our country shuts down for the Easter too, (essential services available, on call), but I didn't realise USA folk still have to work! They work on Good Friday!

We shut down for G.F Easter Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

So so good to see water and color Susan, sometimes I forget.


Walker said...

I like watching people as they troty through life to.
Nice pictures and it looks alot niceer in Vancouver than it does here today let me tell you. We got 10 cm of snow.

Happy Easter

Josie said...

Gorgeous pictures! Which park is that? I love the little blue rowboat. That's my kinda boat.

Okay, now I'm hungry.


Bobbie said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, Susan. Hope you have a great day inspite of the rain.

Dick said...

I like your photos. It is nice to be able to just go wandering with the camera, especially in such nice weather.I hope that in a couple more months things will settle down around me enough that I can do things like that again. But, I am also enjoying all the activity!

Gary said...

I love that blue boat. If I lived near a lake, I would probably get one just like it.

I hope you take lots more pictures like these. I really enjoy your pictures.

LZ Blogger said...

Some great shots here... and wow what a background those mountains make! BEAUTIFUL! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...