Monday, April 16, 2007

Circle of Prayer

The friends of our children.
They are special people.
When they are at our homes, day in, day out for years, we get to know them so well. We grow very attached to these youngsters. Their well being so closely affects our own children. When something serious happens to them, we not only care and worry about them , but also the effect their problems have on our own children.

Recently, MONICA'S daughter was crossing the street with her friend Daphne, the median was covered in overgrown bushes so the driver didn't see the girls. Monica's daughter was spared but her friend Daphne was struck by the vehicle and thrown in the air, resulting in a head injury. Monica's daughter was in shock after seeing this happen and then believing she had lost her friend as she watched her lay unconscious on the street with blood trickling from her ears.
Daphne has been air lifted to a Dallas Hospital where they have determined she has a fractured skull and will continue to monitor her progress.
Please keep both these girls in your thoughts and prayers as they heal from the trauma.
Also, please think of Monica, as she comforts her own Daughter and worries about this special friends condition. I just can't imagine the devastating effect such an accident would have on my children and myself if this had happened to one of their close friends.

Another Blog friend in need of our support is Ellen. She has found out that her cancer has spread and she and hubby Curtis could sure use our support right now. They are such a delightful couple and I have felt privileged to be counted as one of their friends.

As some of you know, Keith went away on Easter Sunday, to spend a week with his brother Norman and to visit with niece Kayla.
For those of my more recent readers, you may not know, Kayla was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer) in March of 2006. Since then she has undergone extensive chemotherapy and had to have her leg amputated above the knee, followed by months more chemo. She was so ill, that she basiclly spent the most part of the past year in the hospital. Today, Kayla is doing really well and has a fabulously positive attitude. She is back to school three days a week and is enjoying being back in the mix with her school chums. The other two days are for Dr's appointments and rehab. She is doing well on her prosthetic leg, but can still only wear it for an hour of so before swelling starts. But when she is wearing it she is practically running along. At school, she uses her wheelchair, the halls can be bustling at class change and there is too much chance of Kayla getting knocked off her crutches in the chaos. She is continuing to write and does some very impressive work. Keith was privileged to read her latest work during his stay. He took some photos and it looks like she has put some weight on, now that she is back to home cooked meals. She has a little peach fuzz growing now that chemo is done. Tomorrow she goes back to hospital to check on the lesions in her lung. Please continue to hold Kayla in your thoughts. We are praying there will be no further growth.
The other kids, Kayla's siblings, seem happy and have grown even closer throughout this last year. Nothing like illness to strengthen bonds. Its just a shame that they had to be put through this at such young ages. Here Kayla's younger brother and sister goof around. There are two other younger brothers also. Please continue to hold Kayla and her family in your thoughts. Keith got back home on Saturday and it sure is nice to have him back.

In this mornings news, dreadful shootings on a Virginia campus. 21 people have been senslesly killed there this morning. My heart goes out to the families. As my own son prepares to go off to college this fall. We are so proud of him . The parents of these students must be absolutely reeling at this news.

I was at the drug store and at the till there was a basket of badges for jeans day. I bought one for $5. that goes to Children's Hospital. If you buy one, you get to wear jeans to work on April 26. I like that Idea. But when I checked my schedule, I am off that day anyways! Well at least the $5. will go to a good cause.
It seems almost shallow to mention this, in light of the somber tone of this post so far. But I always look for some good news to counter balance the bad. The Vancouver Canucks won another overtime game last night. Bringing us to a 2:1 lead in the series against Dallas. First team to get four wins takes the series. There was a scary moment when Roberto Luongo our super duper goalie looked to be injured. But he got up and was able to finish the game. Hoping he will be OK for tomorrows game.
If you get a chance to leave a comment for Monica, I'm sure it will mean so much to her.


Monica said...

Thank you, Susan. I'm glad to hear Kayla is doing so well. She has a special place in my heart. It's true, what you wrote about siblings growing closer. My children grew closer out of Joshua's illness and his deployment to Iraq and the boys are very alert to my daughter's asthma. My own brother treats me almost with kid gloves since my first ministroke back in August. I'm definitely taking full advantage! :)
Seriously, my prayers for your friend, Ellen, and for the families of the victims of today's shootings in Virginia.
Thank you again.

Susan said...

The death toll in Virginia has now gone up to 31- including the gunman himself, as a second bout of shooting occured across campus. A further 20 people remain in hospital in varying conditions including 6 still in surgery.

ellen said...

Prayers for Daphne and Kayla, as well as the families of the campus shooting victims.

Bobbie said...

I pray that Daphne will be okay. That must have been so scary for Monica's daughter.

It's good to hear news of Kayla. I'm glad she is doing so well. I hope the lesions in her lung are benign. Hope your husband enjoyed his visit with her.

It is so hard to comprehend why the killings at the school campus happened. Such a tragedy!

Take care and give your kids extra hugs today!

Vickie said...

Thank you for being the special person you are and always stepping up and acknowledging those in need of special thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for sharing the special news on Kayla---such great news.

Peter said...

Hi Susan, thanks for stopping by holtieshouse for a visit call in anytime.

sharon said...

I totally hear ya about your kid's friends sort of becoming part of the family. I care very much for Alicia's friends. (I would have to to put up with them eating me out of house and home and then leaving half empty pop cans all over my house.) I hope Monica's daughter and Daphne both recover quickly from this accident and can bring it with them as one of life's lessons.
Thanx for the support for my aunt and uncle. They are wonderful people who deserve the best in life.
Glad to hear Kayla is thriving, I had a feeling she would. I just get that vibe from her pictures and the way you talk about her.

As for the school shootings, it's getting scary to even send your kids to school these days. What can anyone say about such a random sensless act of violence?

Walker said...

With all the deseases chasing us down to the ground and people trying to come together to fight these and other problems the last thing people need right now in the world is idiots with guns.

Sounds like Kayla is doing good and her siblings happy to have her home.

Josie said...

Oh, gosh, how sad. Cancer is a horrible disease, but they're making headway with it. I always make a donation in April each year.

I hope Monica's daughter's friend is okay as well. How awful. Did you hear about that cute little fellow whow as hit by an SUV here a few days ago? Heartbreaking.


Monica said...

Daphne is still in the hospital but mending nicely. The only thing they found is the skull fracture but with it being a head injury they are being wisely cautious. Julia has fared so much better since being able to talk to her more and more on the phone. Thank you again for the prayers and mine go out to everyone mentioned. And thank you for the update on Kayla...I just adore her.

Take care of you.