Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Little Church on the Prairie.

The church at Kenose Lake, Whitewood. On the vast Canadian prarie. Pine trees planted around the building shelter it from the worst of the prarie winds. These trees are quite old, but they dont grow very big out here, as compared to those on the coast.
It was built in 1938 by Keiths Great Grandfather, a stonemason. We stopped in to visit this little church when we were in Saskatchewan. (Same trip that we found the Chocolate moose.) It gave us a feeling of connection to his ancestors, to touch the stone walls crafted so long ago. It was something special to see as there aren't alot of old buildings in Western Canada. Although it is not really very old, this tiny stone chapel reminded me of some of the ancient churches we saw in England. It was built to look old.
The door is never locked. The old prayer books still line the wooden bookshelf. The woodwork is polished and has a rich luster, that comes from years of care.
Great Grandfather and Grandmother are buried behind this church under a shared headstone. His side reads "A MAN OF FAITH, WHO LABOURED WITH STONE' and hers reads "DISTINGUISHED FOR HER KINDNESS TO ALL LIVING CREATURES". I wonder if he knew he would be buried here as he laboured on these stones.


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Walker said...

It's great to be able to touch a monument built by someone you know or are part of in some way.
I don't think people realize what they destroy when the demolish old buildings and erase the history behind it to put up something new and prefabricated.
I bet Keith is proud of his Grand Parents and the contribution they made to the community.

Dina said...

It's such a cosy looking building.

Chana said...

a beautiful Church! the feeling comes through..pls check email..xo

Sienna said...

O man what a sight for sore eyes!
G'day Susan, I have been roaming blogland, kinda new to the district and I cannot believe your beautiful photos.

I am finding all these wonderful things and home for me is sweet, but, very very dry (Australia)...I looked back through your blog, (hope that's ok) and the pictures!*!*!
YES, digital photography rocks.
Snow capped mountains that I have only ever seen in Switzerland, valleys and water and green, you are truly deeply madly a sight to behold...I dream about these surroundings.

So so beautiful, picture book perfection. I think I am falling in love with Canada.



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