Monday, February 19, 2007

A Week Gone By.

Hello Friends,

It's been a full week, here at A Thousand Wordsworth. Alot of nothing happening. The daily grind keeping us occupied and away from my computer. I started my part-time schedule now. I have four days off. Saturday to Tuesday this week, it changes all the time. Funny thing is, I still feel just as busy because they still scheduled me for alot of 5 day stretches but with more days off between.
We had a quiet Valentines Day. Couldnt do too much of a celebration as we were at work all day and had a meeting in the evening. Keith bought me some yummy lindor chocolates and a gorgeous photo frame. I am going to put it at my bedside with a photo of him in it. What do you think of this one? This weekend Keith also had off so it was wonderful to be able to go out and enjoy our days off, saving my housework for today when he is at work. Blogging is housework isnt it? Saturday we went for a drive to Harrison Lake. Its about an hour east of Maple Ridge. There was some high cloud, but looked as though it would brighten up. This is one of the small bridges we crossed on the way there. Its framed entirely of timber. From the bridge I saw two enormous Golden Eagles on the river bank. They flew off as I was fumbling to get my camera out! They were easily as big as our dog! I am not sure of its name, but this pretty peak was reflecting in the river at Harrison Mills. We saw a huge flock of snow geese in a field, made me crave stuffing and gravy!

Further along the bare red branches of blueberry bushes made a nice contrast against the bright green of new grass starting to sprout up.

Just past here the sun came right out and it was a gorgeuous sunny day. But as we entered the area of Harrison Lake , a fog bank was blowing off the lake. Once were were right at the lake, we were completely socked in. It was cool too. But we had a nice walk and went for lunch.

On Sunday, we dropped david off at his Great Aunts for his Math tutoring. Then we headed to the mall where Heidi and I had a shopping spree for bras and undies! Very girlie. Keith opted to check out the electronics store instead of waiting around the lingerie department!
Today I have to get my laundry done and then start my evaluation. YUCK. My boss wants to do my annual review. She said she has no concerns so it should be fairly straightforward. But then she handed me a six page review to fill out. All about how I am meeting standards and what my goals are. I hate things like this!
I am looking forward to tommorrow. I will be meeting one of my favorite Bloggers, Bobbie of Bobbiology. We are meeting over coffee and she is bringing stamps for the Easter Star Cancer Project. I am excited to be meeting this lovely lady.


ellen said...

Nice photos. You're busy, alright. Give Bobbie a hug for me when you see her (and tell her to give you one back for me), okay?

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Say hello to Bobbie from me and Carol, we met her at the Sally Ann a while ago, did you see my email about best in show at the Westminster Dog Show.
I like the swans but too big for the oven

OutHouse Capital of Canada said...

Hi, if anyone collects stamps for the Eastern Star, tell them to cut around the stamp and leave at least quarter inch of envelope or more around the stamp, this is a no brainer, think of all the stamps that are thrown away and the money that could be raised for a good cause