Tuesday, January 23, 2007

New Old Photos

Last night when I checked my emails, I got a very pleasant surprise. A short email from a cousin of mine in England. She attached these two old photos which were taken in the very early 70's. My family had a couple of photos taken the same day, but these two must have been sent off to relatives. This one was taken on the back patio of our bungalow. I loved that house, and can still see every nook and cranny in my minds eye. The little girl on the far right, is my cousin Sarah, the one who sent me these snaps. Next to her is her brother Andrew . The girls in pink and green are my younger sisters "The Twins". Between them is Carol and I am in behind her. People often made the mistake that we were two sets of twins, as we were often dressed in matching outfits. Notice how short our dresses were! Cathy on the right was commonly known as a wiggle bottom, here she shows off her knickers as she swings on the guard rail. The lady in the back is my Grandma, who passed away is 1986. She was so beautiful.
This shot was in the park that our house backed onto. It was a cool playground. When the park gates were shut, we could still play there as our back gate led right out to it. We haven't seen much of Andrew and Sarah, as we have never lived close to them. I think I have only met Sarah three times and Andrew perhaps five times. The last time I saw them was when I went to England in 2002 for another young cousins funeral. That was a sad day, but it was still nice to see these two cousins.
Thanks Sarah for these wonderful memories.


deni said...

I enjoyed seeing these old photos, the outfits alone take me back in time. It must have been the thing to dress girls alike, my mother used to do the same thing with my sister and me.

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pitrdracer said...

I have your boys brothers here in the states. We live in upstate New York. His name is Tanash's Phantom Darkboy aka Phantom. If you send me your e-mail addresss I will send you a pic or 2 of him. My e-mail is pitrdracer@aol.com

Anonymous said...