Friday, September 08, 2006

Soldier On

Today, NATO has requested 2000 more ‘peacekeepers’ come to Afghanistan to aid in the fight against the Taliban. This request comes on top of the news that 5 more Canadian soldiers have been seriously injured by Taliban forces.
Is this the price of peace? Our finest young men are being sacrificed for what seems a futile struggle. My boys are getting to an age where they could be eligible candidates. I hope neither of them ever ventures into military service. What mother would? I know there are moms out there who have these same fears. Monica’s son just turned 18 today, and he has signed up to serve with the Marines. Sure, it’s an honor and a privilege to serve your country. But it is a service that strikes terror in the heart of all moms. In these days of active warfare, even rookie recruits stand a very real chance of seeing serious action. Monica accepted her sons’ decision with grace. She has already been through this with her oldest who served in Iraq, and thankfully returned home on his own two feet instead of a coffin like some of his friends. My thoughts are with Monica and her family in the coming months of her son’s military career. May the Good Lord hold him safe in the palm of His hand.

In other news. Kayla continues to recover well. She is walking around with her walker for quite a distance. Her incision is healing up quite well. I was updated by her dad. Every time I try to call her she can’t talk. She is a very busy young lady. When she isn’t doing her exercises, she is getting a dressing change or has the tutor there doing lessons with her. She is determined to graduate on time. I am going out to visit on the last week of September. My mother-in-Law will be traveling with me. We booked our flights this morning.

My eldest son has just started his adult education. He graduated in June from high school. Now he is taking some extra sciences at the continuing education center, as pre-requisites for the two year Earth Sciences program that he will start next fall. I can see he feels more grown up already.
My second born son is in his last year of high school. I am hoping he has settled down enough to really apply himself this year. With the distractions of a girlfriend, this could be a real challenge. Then on the other hand, maybe getting serious about this young lady will be just the thing to get him more inspired about his future. I seriously hope he doesn’t consider time in the force, though I know he would excel in that environment. He is strong, confident and fiercely loyal.

Heidi is just beginning to come out of her shell. She has lived in the shadow of two big brothers for so long that she had some tom boy traits, as far as style goes. Finally, and much to my relief, she is getting more girly. Since she cut her hair in the spring she has been buying more feminine clothes and showing an interest in things that other girls her age enjoy… like boy watching! Maybe I should be worried!

Have a great weekend every one. Don’t feel guilty that I have to work right through it!


Monica said...

Susan, your three seem a lot like my three. You described them in ways I so recognize. Heidi? Julia to a T although she's had the primping thing down for a while.

I hope your son considers a different field, too, but I know you'll back him whatever he decides. It's been a rollercoaster for me the last five years as Joshua was already signed up when 9-11 happened and in one of the first units over there in March 2003. Thank you so much for the words about Jeremy.

My heart goes out to all the troops lost no matter what country they are from but next to the US my heart has a soft spot for Canadians because of my sisters over there. When my brother went to visit them, it was at the same time Josh got the few days' notice about deploying and he said when he went to the club (pub?) that people there really wished his nephew well and sent prayers. It is wonderful when countries band together in prayer just as we did for Kayla.

And as for her, I am so glad she is doing so well. She's got quite the spirit...and she's every bit a hero to me. :)

Take care and I am so sorry you have to work this weekend. :(

Chana said...

my heart goes out to all the mom's and dad's out there who have to deal with letting go of their kids and letting them make choices that could cause them their life. i do understand it is an honor to defend your country but as a parent it would be the hardest thing. good luck to your friend Monica. may she have her son back for good soon, safe and happy.

your son will settle down, don't you worry. and your daughter will be more girly every is just part of the growing yrs..

you are a good mom and they have had a good raising and will come out just fine.

enjoy your wknd off and take care. hugs.

Meow said...

Just dropping by to wish you a great weekend.
Take care, Meow

Dick said...

Some people get weekday weekends. I did that for quite awhile & there are some advantages to it.

Our Navy son found himself over there for the actual time of the war. He'd had NO training as a ground troup but was out in the desert in a tent with the Marines. He didn't go into Iraq but was at the Headquarters post in Kuwait & counted 47 Scud missiles that hit the post, one 120 yards from his tent. It was especially scarey because of the threat of chemical or biological agents. We were very glad to get him home by June, after the war was "over." Yeah right, over.

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, look at my blog now, Emma has had her baby, Georgina, what a great name

Faye said...

It's so nice to watch the kids grow into adulthood, but kind of scary too. We can't watch or control there choices in life we just have to trust that we did all we could and they will make the right choices or learn something if they don't.
Glad Kayla is moving forward after such a traumatic surgery.

Walker said...

There always is a price for peace but the problem is the countries like Pakistan who hide the terrorist so they can escape the forces looking to stop them.
I think we should pull out and let then starve to deat or kill each other.
I once heard that in war a soldier deserves to fight a soldier.
Face to face up front and personal.
The battle with the Taliban is against a bunch murdering rats tht deserve to be externinated like their four legged cousins.
Our soldiers dont need to come back in body bags when they would be more appreciated at home byu their families

patti_cake said...

My heart goes out to any mother whose child is at risk in this dreadful thing we call a "war".

I am so glad Kayla is continuing to do well, I didn't doubt for a moment that she would!

I have worries that my daughter will be too much of a tomboy too but then she goes and does something totally "girly". I guess they will be what they will be!