Sunday, September 17, 2006

September Sunset

Last night, we headed out to Vancouver International Airport to pick up Keiths Aunt. She has been visiting Kayla for the last two weeks. Her flight was due in at 8.30 pm. We set off from Maple Ridge at 7.oopm so we would have lots of time for the hour long drive, plus time to find parking etc.
These photos were taken just a few minutes from our house. We were riding into the sunset.
They are taken in a moving vehicle, through the windscreen. So they arent the best quality, but they still show the stunning, magnificance of the sunset.
The sky was clear except for a few clouds on the horizon, which turned golden. I wish we had had time to stop and get some really good shots.
I am starting with a Photography club. There is one here in town that looks good. And there is a Vancouver club, which looks excellent. They do lots of photoshoot outings as a group. They have theme contests an go to art galleries. So if I can make time, I hope to get to the meetings often and learn a few useful things. And most of all, have some fun and meet some new people.
Another club I have signed up for is the Vancouver Bloggers Meetup. They are a group of local Bloggers who get together once in a while to support eachothers blogging interests. I did a search for a Bloggers Meetup in this area after reading about it on Brians post. He also is going to a meet up, he wants to attend the Oklahoma Meet up. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to learn more about HTML through this club. They are meeting on the evening of the 20th in Vancouver. It should be fun. If I am going to make it there, I have to get all packed up in advance, ready to leave for Edmonton. My flight goes early on the morning of the 21st.
I am looking forward to having a week with Kayla. She is doing well and has started to get her strength back. She was quite tired last week, the surgery took alot out of her. Kayla has recently lost two of her little buddies that she befriended on the cancer ward. It is such a sad place for her to be, struggling with her own battle, and to be losing friends at the same time. So much anger at how these lives can be ended so young. Keiths Aunt tells us that she is in a little better spirits now.
Whilst at the airport, I saw a business magazine with an article titled Blogging for Dollars. I bought it but havent had a chance to read it through yet. But the man featured apparently makes $60,000 a month off his blog! Ill fill you in when I find out what his secret is!
My hospital has been busy constructing a new building. It opens next week. Yesterday I got to go on a four hour orientation tour. It is a beautiful building on the inside. The outside is a bit unimaginative though. Looks more like a wearhouse than a hospital! While I was there I ran into an old friend who has been working on the construction. Its a small world. It sure was nice to see him. Made a bright spark in my day! For the next week I will be working with 90 of the patients who will be moving into the new building and helping them get settled into their new surroundings. I know they will like it there, but it is always a major upset for old folks to be moved. They dont care that the building they are in now is old, it is what they are used to!


Mary said...

What fabulous photos. I love sunsets. And when I move I plan to join a photography club too I enjoy it so much, good luck with yours.

So nice to see pictures of Vancouver. I've been there twice and thought it was a beautiful city. It did rain though!!

And thanks so much for the link ..

Dick said...

Glad to hear Kayla is doing well. Kids dying is why Annie went into teaching rather than nursing. Those who work with them do wonderful work but it must be very hard on them, too.

I like your sunset photos. The camera club sounds good, too. I am looking into joining one in this area.

Our hospital is a community one & also in an add-on program. Annie knew it was coming as we voted to increase local taxes to pay for it but it won't open fully until next June. With all the baby boomers coming up it sure is a growth industry!

Sue said...

Beautiful sunrise! The sunrises from here are what inspired me to start photography myself! I joined Vancouver Photography Meetup myself, but haven't had a chance to get to a meet yet. Maybe I'll see you there sometime!

I'm glad to hear Kayla is doing ok, but am very saddened to hear she has lost her two friends. =\

Ms. Vickie said...

Susan your pictures are beautiful I love sunsets they just capture me and hold me hostage watching so I love to watch the changes take place from one shot until the next.

I know you will enjoy the photography club and certain you will get some benefit from it.

It is so sad to read about Kayla losing her friends I know that weighs on her emotionaly.

Bobbie said...

Gorgeous pictures of the sunset. Hope you enjoy the Photography club.

I'm glad that Kayla is in better spirits but it must be hard for her to lose friends that she has made at the hospital.

My friends mom is one of the patients moving to the new building. She had a tour and said it's really nice.

Take care, and have an enjoyable rainy Sunday.

jel said...

Awesome picture's thanks for sharing them

and manys thanks for the update on Kayla! :)
please give her a hugg from when you see her!

have a great week

Deanna said...

Hmmmm..... funny.... weren't we just speaking of the photography club... , and what's this bloggers thing...? fill me in !!!

Summer said...

The pictures are great! glad Kayla is doing better. waiting for your post about the $60000 blogger! have a great Monday.

patti_cake said...

Sounds like things are going positively for you. Yay for Kayla getting her strength back and her spirits lifting. I can't imagine what it must be like to be in her place. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!

David said...

Good news about Kayla. And great photos. I would love to join such a photography club. What a great idea.

sharon said...

It's great to explore your interests. Have fun with it!

I'm sending all my good vibes to Kayla.

Cuppojoe said...

I can't imagine how hard this is for little Kayla right now... And though this isn't exactly a comfort right now, the bright side is that she will carry the strength and compassion learned into adulthood and become a pretty spectacular woman.

I dig the photos, by the way!

Walker said...

Great pictures I love the sunsets.

Its hard to even think of kids being sick let alone moving on.
I'm glad to hear Kayla id getting better and her spirits are brighter.

molly said...

The photos are beautiful. You have a wonderful eye. Glad to hear Kayla is doing well, but so sorry that she's lost friends. Could never work on the pediatric wing cause I could never cope with the loss of a child. The nurses who work there are very special.
Happy birthday to your dad!

Kathy said...

I'm so happy to hear that Kayla is doing better.

We've lost more dear friends than I care to enumerate. And I never really dealt with this as a child, sometimes it boggles my mind to look at the road my son and Kayla and other children have traveled.

As parents, we are supposed to lead our children, but it seems it ends up being our children leading us.

Give Kayla a hug from us, we want a good report.