Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Lazy Dayzy

Today is overcast, promising some much needed rain for our parched area. There is a breeze stirring the trees in the garden. I actually need a sweater, a sure sign of the pending change of seasons.
I sit in my recliner chair on the back deck to read, but I find myself listening to the sounds of rustling leaves and birdsong. I let my head fall back and close my eyes, focusing on the sounds and sensations around me. The touch of the late summers gentle wind on my cheek and in my hair, caressing me like a memory of a gifted lover. The scent of summer’s continual bounty of roses, wafting up to me, enticing dreams of petals on silk sheets. The wind chimes tinkling song, spoke of fairies and magic. In the deepest crevasses of my brain, the chimes delicate pealing, sings of that place we go when we reach nirvana. Sunshine breaks through the clouds, warming my face. Where a moment ago blackness cloaked my eyes, now glows red, as bright beams from heaven attempt to pierce my lids. AAHHHHHHHHH, this is heaven, this is the life. Grasping these small moments of tranquility in the middle of an ordinary day is all it takes sometimes to renew the spirit.
I needed that little boost. Last night didn’t allow for much sleep. My 15 year old daughter Heidi had gone to stay at a friends house. They were keeping each other company while her friend’s mom is out of town for a few days. At about nine o clock, we got a call from said friend, that Heidi wasn’t feeling well. She had been tired and had a high temperature. We went right over to check on things. Heidi was sat drinking ice water, trying to fool us with a temp that would now read low. Sorry kiddo, I'm onto that one. I took her arm pit temp and it was 102. Add a degree to match true internal temp and that makes it 103!!! She had been sleepy and was achey all over, but other than that had no symptoms. I checked for signs of meningitis but no, she could swivel her head around like the exorcist, no problem there. I am greatful that Steph had the presence of mind to call us up. We let the dog out one last time then locked up, let Stephs Grandparents know what was going on, and took both girls back to our place. We loaded Heidi up with Tylenol and stripped her of all but a sheet. Cold cloth on the neck and forehead. She was talking a bit of non-sense, mentioning that her dinner was floating by the window. Her lips were blue. The Tylenol started working and brought the temp down to an acceptable level. So the rest of us went to bed. We were up checking on her through the night, and this morning she was still lower, not normal but acceptable. She did wake up with a bit of a sore throat, but other than that feels fine! If she stays ok, we will let her go back to Stephs tonight. What a way to start off their week of freedom!
I have a curried beef stew cooking in the oven right now, it smells delicious. That’s another good part of a cooler day, gives me the option of using the oven! Try turning it on on a hot day and everyone whines! LOL they are such wimps! Ill make up a batch of cheese biscuits to go with it. Should be yummy for da tummy. Ok! Call me crazy but I took a photo of it. I love cooking stews in this casserole dish. Its a RomanToff, clay pot. You have to soak it for 30 min prior to using.If you have never used one, you dont know what you are missing.
I just got it in the oven, then came to my computer. My home page has news headlines on it. Todays top Canadian news is about one of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan, that makes eight Canadians killed since August 3rd. and the 27th to die since Canada deployed troups to that region in 2002. Another one dies for this fruitless mission. I wonder when this senslessness will stop. The next headline states that yet another mad cow has been found. Yep that makes me look forward to my beef stew allright! If I wasn’t already mad, I might be worried.


Summer said...

i love your post..and i hope that Heidi will feel better soon! as for taking the picture of the food, you are not crazy at all for posting the picture or your looks great! hope you guys enjoy it for dinner. another sensless killing in Afghanistan...when will this madness come to an end?

poet said...

this was made by forces families at CFB Gagetown, 30 miles from here. it is in memory of the solidiers who have fallen thus far (from the time frame stated). go there and remember.

on cameras and food. if the camera wasn't always full of cat pix, i would have room for food pix, and more cloud pix, and more sunset pix. pea takes lots of pix of food, and it looks like you could eat it off the screen.

hope that heidi is feeling better soon. high fever is nothing to fool with. i used to see *stuff* all the time. my temps would range upward of 104, so it is a wonder i have any cells up there left, that weren't cooked when i was younger.

take care and hope all is well.

poet said...

that was soldiers of the red and white, it didn't go like a link i wanted but type it in your search thingy and it will take you there

Ms. Vickie said...

Hope Ms. Heidi is better soon. Now I am hungry and it is bedtime for me, guess I will just go to bed with a growling stomach---

Thank you for the very special comment you left me tonight and I did go visit your friend's page and will be following her.

Take care and hope the rest of the goes well for you.

zingtrial said...

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David said...

You can't be as parched as central Texas. Everything here is just about dead from no rain and none is in site. Plus we are at 100 every single day.

Sorry for the ill child, they do try to fool us some times.

That stew looks wonderful.

LZ Blogger said...

I am really jealous of that top picture! Looks really LAZY to me (and I like that)! ~ jb///

Bobbie said...

Hope that Heidi will feel better soon. Glad her friend called you.

So much for rain...not a drop fell!! And the weekend is supposed to be hot. I guess we just have to keep watering by

Take care and enjoy your day.

Dick said...

Well, it is summer in the northwest so we are not supposed to have much rain and temps of around 80F. This weekend sounds like it will reach those levels, then cool a little before rising again. But, you know that we will probably all be complaining about too much rain, cold temps, etc. come November so I guess we should just try to enjoy this now while we have it.

It sounds like your daughter & her friend have pretty good heads on their shoulders regarding health concerns. Good for them.