Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sunday Scans ~ Almost September

There is less of August yet to come, than is already behind us. That time of year when summer holidays are almost over and we start to ready ourselves for the start of the new school year.
When we were little girls in England, our parents would take us to Temby , in Wales, most summers. We didn't have our own trailer, but we would go to a caravan park and rent one for a week. Here is a photo of my sisters and I roughing it on the old campsite! I'd say this was about 1969 or '70. That's yours truly in pink, my sister Carol in blue and Sheila in front. As you can see, we were top notch sports. I almost threw my shoulder out, passing that ball to Carol from so far away! We always enjoyed our holidays. Daddy would take us to see medieval castles and explore mysterious old ruins. Mummy preferred the days that we would spend on the gorgeous, white sandy Welsh beaches. It sure was a wonderful place and we hated to leave it.

This is me on my first day of school. I loved this dress, and remember feeling so pretty in it. English schoolgirls always wore dresses. Over there, you started school at age four. There was no kindergarten or half days. I went straight into first grade, full days. I only ever remember loving school. Those first days of the year with new clothes, shoes and satchel. I loved new exercise books, with smooth blank pages. It was always a thrill to write the date in that first page. Of course there was always that obligatory "what I did on my Summer Holidays" passage. Then there were school photos. Your educational, unimaginative mugshots.

This is my grade one photo. At least my bangs were straight, not like in this photo.

This was taken the following year. You may want to click-to-enlarge this one to capture all the finesse of Mummys hairdressing technique! How many of us turned up in class with this classic style? And don't say anything about the length of those dresses, Carols, blue dress was actually a bit on the long side! I loved my orange dress. My Grandma in America had sent it and I felt very posh in it. Nobody else had such lovely orange frills. Carol always looked cute in whatever she wore, I was so jealous of her ruby red shoes, they were the coolest. Ahh yes! Such fond memories.
And now, our own children are getting ready to return to school. I wonder if they will look back at their childhood photos with such fondness.
Thanks Mum and Dad for getting us off to such a good start.


poet said...

wow, that was an amzing post. although i schooled here in canada, i remember every 'first day' of school, and this post got me to pause and remember what a great job my parents did with me too. thank you.

Dick said...

My schooling was in Spokane, Washington, USA but I think there are similarities all over. My kids, in their early 30s, are starting to enjoy looking at some of those old photos. Annie did get a neat scrapbook made for each of them before she died that have a lot of those special memories included in them. Right now the books might be as meaningful to them for who made it as for what is included but I know they love them & will take good care of them.

Monica said...

Great pictures...I didn't have that growing up together thing with my sister, she's 2 1/2 years younger than my son. But I am very glad she's in my life.

School has already started here...we're a week into it.

Have a great week! :)

Ms. Vickie said...

What special memories you have shared. I always love to read your poast because they are so full of fond memoreis of your life growing up or of your children growing up now and the memories you are making with them....A wonderful family.

You my friend are what I think of when I look at a "perfect" if there is one family. I know there is not but very hold tight and enjoy. I know you do especially with Kayla and what you family sees and deals is fragile

Have a great week. Be especially good to yourself.

oopseedaisee said...

Miss Vickie,
Thank you for saying so, but we are far from perfect. Our family has had our share of badtimes. I like to keep my blog matter positive for the most part. I just try to focus on what good we do have. If that tends to give an illusion of perfection, its a false one. Perhaps I should share more of our trials here, maybe someday I will feel comfortable enough to divulge more negative experiences. For now, I am happy to wear the rose coloured glasses! LOL.

molly said...

great pics!

"I loved new exercise books, with smooth blank pages. It was always a thrill to write the date in that first page." I always felt that way too. The beginning of school was always so new and fresh. Your words capture it so well.

bornfool said...

I'm sure your children will look back in fondness as well. School started last week around here. Seems like the summer gets shorter and shorter.

Summer said...

oopseedaisee , glad i found your is so nice to be positive and have great memories and pictures too..i love pictures. now i can imagine you when you are older..i am sure as pretty as when you were young too. havea great day!

Coll said...

Almost September.. how can that be :-). Such lovely photos of years gone by.

Chana said...

oh wow a sweet post. thank you for writting about your childhood. with so much sadness in the world, so many kids having so much suffering, it's awesome to read a good memories of family.

you guys looked adorable in the pictures.i truly loved them. you are all such cuties. i can only imagine what gorgeous ladies you all grew up to be.

last few days of summer vacation here too. i am not looking forward to sending back to school. i will miss them terribly as i do every year. i often get the blues, i'm not looking forward to september at all..i enjoy their company and their talks and our adventures..oh i wish summer wasn't ending..