Sunday, August 27, 2006

River Rats

Before I say anything else, let me just mention how much I appreciate all the supportive comments I have received regarding my niece Kayla. The outreach and support of my blog friends is overwhelming . There is nothing else to do but continue to pray for her, and I know you all will. You guys are fantastic!!!!! Today's post involves Kayla's three siblings, Troy, Nicholas and Alexandria.

This morning, we made pancakes for breakfast, filled their little tummies, then headed off to Maple Ridge Park. Just a five minute drive from us is the beautiful Alouette River and forest. We still have my Brother in Laws children here, we want to do as much as we can in their last week in B.C. I had to be at work at three o clock, so this nearby destination seemed like a perfect spot to spend this hot, sunny morning. The kids were a little leery of getting into a river where they know there are crayfish. Here Nick looks around to make sure nothing is sneaking up on him! But before long, with encouragement from Cousin Heidi and Uncle Keith, they were all happily frolicking in the currents, crayfish forgotten. Here Heidi and Nick float Uncle Keith on the currents. It is not very deep at this time of year, but still runs quite fast. Which is great, as it keeps the river so crystal clear. Troy enjoyed 'surfing' along in the current, until he was stopped in a shallower patch, getting caught up on the huge rounded rocks just below the waters surface. I love this boys huge infectious smile. Before long, there will be enormous, three foot long salmon swimming upstream, battering their red bodies against these same rocks.
This little beauty sat on a rock in the river and I couldn't resist this shot. What a natural poser! Lexi is the littlest of the three, and sometimes, looks so much like her sister Kayla at that age.
All along the banks, trees grow. They offer shade to both people and water creatures. The salmon, we know, require shade in order to keep the water cool enough for spawning. This river rises substantially after a good downpour in the mountains. Also in late spring when snow on those mountains begins to melt. The run off can make this river a very dangerous place. Although too cold to tempt human swimmers so early in the year, many a dog has plunged in and been swiftly washed away. Those high spring waters, wash the soil away from the banks, exposing the roots. They are fascinating to look at. It amazes me that the soil around the roots is so moist. It has been so hot and dry. Everywhere, the ground is parched and dusty. But not here. The canopy is so dense overhead, that sunlight rarely reaches beneath the treetops. I guess the constant deep shade keeps the soil moist. Or, perhaps the roots themselves are bringing water to the surrounding soil right from the river. I'm no botanist, but i do wonder about these things. My eldest son is going into Environmental studies, so perhaps he will be able to enlighten me on the matter someday!
We got home and had last nights leftover lasagna, warmed up. Then I went to work. While I was gone, the girls all got picked up by their Auntie and they had a girls night out, including going to the new Hilary Duff movie, then a sleep over at another aunties house. That would be five giggling girls and two very patient aunties. Keith was in charge of the boys. He took four young boys to a 'guy' movie, Pirate of the Caribbean. After that they came back here for a sleep over. Luckily for me, they were so pooped from their busy day, that when I got home from work shortly before midnight, they were already sleeping.


Dick said...

That sounds like a wonderful family day. We used to live next to the Green River in Auburn and my sons loved it. You also had to be careful early when it was running full & fast but by July it was pretty safe. You did a good job with the photos.

Ms. Vickie said...

My heart breaks when I think of this family but we have to think God knows what is best or that is what I try and do, Your family remains very much in my thought and prayers Susan.

Thank you for always sharing as you do.

These are beautiful pictures.

poet said...

making great family memories for all of you. and those pictures reveal happy kids. sending prayers from 'down east' . poet

Fred said...

What a great time. We used to go to the beach when my kids were younger; now they hop in a car and go with their friends.

Thanks for sharing a great day with us.

Bobbie said...

We're very lucky to have this spot so close to home. My kids have had lots of adventures there.

It's great that you and Keith are spending so much time with Kayla's siblings. Her parents can focus all their energy on Kayla and not have to worry about their other children.

Keeping Kayla in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all goes well for her on Wednesday.

Take care.

molly said...

So glad you still make time, with all that's going on, for normalcy and enjoyment.

Karen said...

I tooks like you all had so much fun. The photo of the tree roots was great, it reminded me just how deep roots run, especially in families.

I'm keeping Kayla, her family, and your family in my prayers, especially on Wednesday. She amazes me, how brave she is.


Anonymous said...

I will definitely pray for Kayla. What lovely pictures of the other children enjoying themselves in the river. Hopefully next year Kayla will be able to join them. *Big hugs*
(Here via Karen)

Fizzy said...

What a lovely day trip out.
I am sorry to hear about your neice she is in my thoughts.

deni said...

They do look like they are having fun!

I am still praying for Kayla.


Mitey Mite said...

Deni sent me here. How wonderful of you to give the other kids some normalcy and fun. I will pray for Kayla.

David said...

Most of us have Kayla on our prayer list. That is such a tragedy.

It does sound like a wonderful family day and good pictures too.

Monica said...

The prayer chain for the surgery Wednesday has begun. Deni had hers up before me...Karen and Vickie are putting theirs up tonight and tomorrow and I know more are planning to as well.

We love your whole family, Susan, and let us know when you have an approximate window on the surgery so we can have that mental prayer going up at the same time.

Deanna said...

Wishing everyone well. You Susan, are an amazing aunt!