Friday, August 04, 2006

Here to There

It wont be long now. Soon we will be leaving this West Coast shore, to visit this young lady. This photo was taken last July when my oldest neice Kayla came home with us from Alberta. She had a fabulous time here. On this day we had taken her down to the seaside. Here she was collecting shells to take home for souveniers. I love this photo, it captures all that the life of a 15 year old should offer. A young girl just on the brink of growing up and discovering herself, and the woman she will become. Beautiful. Since that time, Kayla has discovered so much about the person she is. She has had to grow up much faster than she should have. She has learned what a strong, resilliant person she is. She will always be beautiful, because of the way she faces adversity, with dignity and grace.

On our way to see kayla, we will stop in the Okanagan valley to visit my Dad. Mum is away on holiday in the UK with a bunch of girlfriends, so I will miss seeing her. I will also get a chance to see Catherine, my baby sister. The youngest of us four girls. I havent seen her since last fall, when she was getting pretty round. The highlight of this visit though will be meeting my youngest niece, Emma. She was born just before Christmas and I still havent had a chance to meet her. So that will be great. She's 7 months old now. I feel sad for not being able to have held her as a newborn. I just wish we had time to stay there longer!

Then, we will be off to the Rockies.

I loved the trip through, last year, and am eager to traverse those peaks once more. Note how the trucks on the road are dwarved by these hills! The air up there (Hey! That rhymes!) is so clean and fresh. Alpine meadows filled with wildflowers, glaciers and aqua blue, Lake Louise. So much beauty in this here land of ours. We will go through to Alberta to visit with Kayla for a while and try to be what support we can be to her and her family.
When we drove out of the mountains last year and I saw the praries rolling out as far as the eye could see, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the huge blue sky and unencumbered countryside. Such a comletely different kind of beauty from that of the Rockies or the seaside, yet still as breathtaking. I am eager to be surrounded by those wide open spaces once more.

We will be leaving, assured that our house is in good care as we have the resident Sister here to stand watch along with the ferocous beast Binzen to keep her and her 2 kiddies company.
I dont know if I will have a chance to post before our return. So untill then, God be with you all. Thanks for joining us.


Dick said...

You have a great trip and extend best wishes to Kylie from all your blogging buddies. If you get a chance to post here, great. Otherwise we will look forward to hearing about & seeing (remember to take photos!) your trip when you get back home. Drive safely.

Bobbie said...

Have a safe journey to Alberta and give Kayla a big hug for me. She certainly has had alot to handle for her young age.

I'm glad you'll be getting to meet your little niece Emma in person. And be able to visit the rest of the family too.

It's a beautiful trip from here to Alberta through the Rockies. Enjoy all the great scenery!

Take care and drive safely. Hope we hear all about your trip when you get back.


carol said...

Hey Sis, Please give Kayla a huge cuddle for me. I will miss you lot when you are gone, it will be real quiet here. Yes I will take good care of my little Binzen, he is in the good hands of his aunty. Cheers,

Faye said...

Isn't all of Canada beautiful? Wish I can someday take a trip to the west coast. Tomorrow we will be out on the water "jigging MacKeral" with some friends and family.
Have a great weekend Susan.

deni said...

I am back!!

Thanks for your prayers, they are much appreciated. Kayla is in my prayers, she sounds like a wonderful young woman.

Have a wonderful trip!


Ms. Vickie said...

Travel safe my friend enjoy the time you are with family but most of all please take extra love from each of us to Kayla. She is always in my thoughts and prayers.

Enjoy your beautiful country and the time you are away.

Jona said...

Safe trip! And it looks like it going to be a beautiful one, topped off with the love of family :o)

poet said...

take care and enjoy your family time. what a beautiful part of the country you live in. k is from the west, and her parents live in AB. we are hoping to take a trip out in about three years for the 50th anniversary. it should be a fun trip. thoughts, prayers and gentle hugs sent for kayla. poet

Fred said...

Have a safe trip. It looks like you're going to have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing the pictures with us - they're great!

Meow said...

I hope you have a wonderful, safe trip. Drive carefully, enjoy.
Take care, Meow

EMOB said...

Have a wonderful trip and lots of hugs for Kayla. She is beautiful, inside out.

Karen said...

Have a wonderful time!!! The mountains are GOOOORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to more photos.

Walker said...

I got to fly out west next time, to much is lost flying.
The pictures re beautiful not as beautiful as you niece.
Have a safe trip