Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Its the eve of Kaylas surgery.

Her daddy is sleeping in her hospital room at her side.

They are not alone. We are all there with them. As BRIAN said in his post linked below.
We are so completely over whelmed by this support. Mr. Haney even has the Benedictine Nuns praying for her. As is Monica' Daughter's School. And so many have her on their chursh prayer lists.

Also persons of no particular religion have reached out to send positive vibes. Which to my mind is basically a simpler form of prayer. I beleive it all amounts to a very positive energy, that can be felt. All of which is strengthening Kayla.

I dont possibly have time to respond to all the comments and emails tonight. But I want to let you all know how very touched I am for your care and concern.

For those who missed it previously, i just wanted to re post Kaylas last comment, from a few weeks ago. I think when you read this it will make you see her for the very real girl she is.

Kayla said...Hello fellow bloggers onlineThis is Kayla, the niece you have been keeping in your prayers and rooting hard for. I just dropped by to say how much I appreciate all of your kind wishes and thoughts and how I was absolutely over whelmed when I recieved papers and papers of messages from all over the world, never mind, the country!!! ^_^ It made me so happy to see the response from people and it totally gave me the boost I needed. ^^ Thank you, every one!! I am most grateful!! Cancer has touched every individual in one way or the other. No matter how hard you struggle to avoid it, it manages to infect even the purest soul. =( But you know what? That's the thing with hope and faith. It never lets the darkness corrupt. It fights it until the very end. And even when fighting seems like the very last thing you'd want to endure any longer, even when the pain seems so undurable, innerly and physically.....You fight it. Why bother? It's the only way to survive. Life has much meaning and I plan to decipher it through this battle. I promise you I plan on coming out of this as a gleaming champion because there is no way in hell I am letting a stupid, insignifigant tumor take me!! *kills it with sword* MUHAHAHA! DIE tumor!! ^__^ I may not look the same as I did before, but then again, I don't think the same either. o__O Funny how that works, yes?

I will update after I get off work tommorrow at 330 Pacific Time.
Now I am shutting down to spend some time with my thoughts.
Untill tommorrow.... God Bless.


Lorrie said...

Cancer has touched many lives of people I care about. I will be saying a prayer for your niece. She sounds like an incredilbly strong young lady.

Monica said...

Holding on to your family, Susan. We love you.

Karen said...

She is beyond incredible and I have no doubt she will beat this evil cancer. I'll continue to pray for her. We love you all!!

kate said...

wow... I just happened onto your blog from Tabs sight... I will keep Kayla in my thoughts! She sounds like a strong person!

Cancer has touched all of us at one time or another. I just lost my Mom to Lung Cancer.

sharon said...

Wow, Susan. Your family must be very proud of Kayla. She's quite a young lady. We could all learn from her.

steelcowboy said...

The prayers continue.

Trée said...

Such an incredible spirit embodied in that message of hers. Very inspiring.