Thursday, July 13, 2006


Please, if you have a moment, stop over to see Ellen. She is suffering awful side effects of a cancer fighting agent. She and her wonderful hubby Curtis just got back from a special get away. Dispite her ongoing fight against this disease, they manage to make the most of their lives. Its very touching to see such love in a couple.

They are making every day count. Partly because of the cancer and partly because they only met a few years ago and are stuffing a life times worth of love into their mature relationship. You can see the affection between them in the photos on both their blogs.

Keith and I are a few years behind them in age. Our relationship began many years ago when we were just teens. Fortunately, we both are in relatively good health. Sometimes though, I get overwhelmed with a panicky feeling. Its silly really, but sometimes I feel life is passing so quickly and I get frightened that our lives together wont last long enough. Maybe this feeling is part of what helps me appreciate the preciousness of our love.

In the bigger picture, life and love are fleeting things, really. Both are gifts, given for just a short while.

May we all relish every moment and every blessing.


Brian said...

Amen to every word of that Susan.

Fred said...

As I get older (with sometimes crappy health) I feel the same way.

Best of luck to Ellen; I'll stop by her place now.

Curtis said...

It's not silly to feel the way you do because life is too short especially if you miss anything. Yes we love each other and yes we take life by the horns and enjoy every moment the same as you two do. I'm glad that you all have had many wonderful years together and hope you have many more. Thanks for the thoughts and kind words.

ellen said...

This post came as a real surprise to me. Haven't been blog-walking as regularly as I normally do, so it was Curtis who told me that you had so kindly posted about us. I appreciate your words. Life is very precious to Curtis and me, and we are, indeed, trying to build as many memories as we can together. The last few years with Curtis have been the happiest of my life, even with the dark cloud of illness looming over us.

God bless.

Bobbie said...

The journey through life is easier when you have someone to share both the good times and the bad times.
Ellen and Curtis are such a loving couple and give each other such support, especially in her fight against the cancer giant.
From what I've read in your posts, you and Keith also share a loving bond. May you have many, many more years together.

Jona said...

Beautiful words.

EMOB said...

Not silly at all...I feel exactly the same way. Life is so precious. Thank you for your words.