Monday, June 12, 2006


This September 11th it will be five years since that fateful day in new York.
I recently came across a blogger with an idea that we bloggers should get together and make up a tribute to the victims of 911. He wants to have a blogger for each of the 2996 people who lost their lives that September day. That's 2996 BLOGGERS. One for each of the fallen. I already have my assigned memorial. Now I am not much of a poet or graphic artist. But I want to try and do something towards this tribute. If you think you may be interested, or are perhaps just curious, then Please go to THIS site. I have put a link in my sidebar also. That was no easy feat for me, being as technically challenged as I am. These tributes are to pay respects to those who perished that day. The creator of this idea asks that there be no mention of the perpetrators of this crime within your tribute. The idea is to remember the innocent and to leave the memory of terrorists out of it.

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