Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Midweek in A Town Nearby

Library Square
Ok, So fault me! Its not actually in Maple Ridge.
But Maple Ridge IS part of the Greater Vancouver Regional District. AKA GVRD (how bout those acronyms!). Besides, Maple Ridge itself is pretty small so I'm expanding this feature to include nearby towns. Maybe I should Call it Midweek in BC.
I'll 'fess up. These photos are actually a couple years old. But I've been on nights all week and too bagged to get out and shoot something new. So...Onto this building.

I love the architecture of the Library. It reminds me of the coliseum in Rome. Really is cool to look at and makes for great photo ops. At noon, people come and sit on the steps to eat their sandwiches or drink their trendy mochas and frappachinos. I haven't actually been inside it, as I am not a Vancouver resident, I don't think I could check books out from here. But I would like to go and toot about the interior someday. I took these on my noon hour walk when I was in college a block away from here.

It was officially opened in 1995. The old library, which this building replaced is a beautiful old building, but it is in an old rundown part of town. Its steps are now filled with homeless and heroin addicts. You will not find students and business persons lunching el fresco on those steps. It is now serving as a community center and fills a great need in that area. Maybe someday I will do a spotlight on it.


RADIO HANEY has an interesting article posted today. Clause offers his opinions on a convention occurring in Vancouver.

MISS VICKI is having fun with the chocolates that WALKER sent her.

Thanks for dropping by. And many thanks to all who sent their ongoing wishes to Kayla.


Dick said...

Seattle also has a new downtown public library that I'd like to go see some day. I just don't go down there very often & when I do it is usually for some specific thing so there isn't time to make an extra stop like that. Maybe some day. In the meantime, ours here in Mt. Vernon, while it isn't an architechural marvel, has a pretty good collection & is close. Good post, good photos.

Monica said...

Susan, I went into your sister's blog this morning to see how she is doing...hope she's fine. :) Actually, it was thru stats because someone in South Africa came in through her...funny how all these countries converge into one small community.

I am pleased to see the update on Kayla...she continues to be on two churches prayer lists here. Now I know why Edmonton beat the Carolinas...and I'm happy they did for Kayla. :)

Take care and have a great day!

Fred said...

Thanks for the walking tour. Should I tip you?

Gary said...

That really is wonderful architecture, but there's something fishy about the statue. :)

Thanks for coming by my blog. The flowers you saw are called Dwarf Salvia.

Brian said...

That is a beautiful library. Thanks for sharing!