Monday, June 05, 2006


Some macros from the weekend.
A baby pine cone.

A dandilion in seed.
It was dull and overcast most of the weekend. That didnt stop the kids taking the first plunge of the year in our unheated pool! BRRR!!!!
It was actually raining when they were in there. The pool temp was a mere 18c but the air temp was only 14c so by comparison, the water seemed warm. Its got to get much warmer before Ill be in there! The dog is a riot. He always hangs around the poolside. You can see he would love to join them.

I talked to Kayla yesterday on MSN. She says she feels a little better. Maybe she is just getting used to the chemo? She is happy to say that some of her hair is growing back in. It is coming in blonde and really soft. Thanks to all who have been keeping her in your prayers. She is one very courageous girl.

Another young lady that we know. I believe she may be 20 now. Has gone missing. Please keep NIKKI in your thoughts. We are praying that she is safe.

Have a great week every one.


Dick said...

Macros are a lot of fun & you do a good job with them. I think I am going to buy a ring-light strobe for my camera to help with lighting of macros. It seems like it would be a useful addition to my gear.

I think I will stay with my indoor swimming pool and it's 80-something degree (F) temperature, until later in the summer! My kids used to swim im Puget Sound where the water temp is colder than your pool much of the summer. I don't know if that shows stupidity or just that they are active enough they don't mind the cold. I suspect the second as they are doing okay now, no permanent brain damage from the cold water.

Fred said...

Happy Burthday!! Sorry I missed it - but Blogger was being a pain in the neck for a few days.

The pictures look great, thanks for sharing them.

Besk of luck to Nikki. Let us know how it turns out.

Bobbie said...

Great pictures! The pool should warm up this week with the nice sunny weather we're having.

Say hi to Carol for me. I'll probably run into her when I'm out shopping today.

Take care and enjoy your week.

Gary said...

Why wait for warmer weather to get in the pool? I thought Canadians were a hardy breed. :)

BTW, thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have a very nice blog.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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