Friday, May 19, 2006

The Heat is On.

That was very nice indeed.... We have just been drenched in sun and heat for a few days. My garden has grown so unbelievably much! We have had it so hot, I could have thought it was late July. Tonight though we have relief from the heat and a little sprinkle of rain underway.

We have been busy little beavers in this household. Lots of work getting accomplished. We want all these jobs finished up before July so we can relax and enjoy the summer as much as we can.
All week my dad stayed with us and he and Keith got the basement bathroom reno well underway. Its looking good. Ready to sand that last coat of drywall and then grout the bathtiles.
I moved everything from the garage into the shed. So now Keith can move his workbench and organize his tools into a room of their own. That should make it easier to find something when we need it. I dont know how many repeat tools we own beause we couldnt find it and had to buy another!
I drained all the pond scumb off the pool cover. With this hot weather, we sure dont want any standing water, as it encourages mosquito propigation!. So now the cover is off and I can work on getting the pool cleaned and primed for swimming. Another week or so and we will be taking the plunge!
It sounds like alot, but its been fun being able to get out and enjoy the nice sunny days, even if its to work! Even my sister has been helping in the yard. Sweeping and washing the patio furniture. It is so encouraging to see her doing so well. She has come along way from her bed ridden state of last summer. She is starting to think about returning to work in a few weeks.
Things are going well for me at the hospital. I am getting the hang of the routine and policies. I enjoy the unit I am on. There are alot of older people there and I have always enjoyed working with the elderly. I know It was a good decision to go with this position. I have no regrets for giving up the job at the jail. The Lord always points me in the right direction. I just have to remember to trust His guidance.
It is a long weekend for us In British Columbia. Monday is a holiday to celebrate Queen Victorias Birthday. Our capital city is named for her, and the is always a big celebration there. Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for joining us!


40spoet said...

ah yes, spring is sprung, birds and flowers, trees, POLLEN and dust. lawn and blackflies. standing water after the umpteen days of rain; mosquitoes. i love spring! hope you have a wonderful weekend, and i really love the pictures you post.

deni said...

Sounds like you have been really, really busy.

Glad you are enjoying the new job!

Dick said...

Wasn't that week's weather spectacular! The weather report is on the news & he is saying last week was not normal and what we are returning to is, so expect highs in the mid-60s and showers for awhile. But we had a taste of summer.

I, too, am involved in yard work. For some people yard work is a good hobby but to me it is just something I have to get finished. I am thinking fondly of those desert landscaped yards I see on my Snowbird trips and of moving mine somewhat that direction. Then I'll just have to buy Roundup for the weeds!

Bobbie said...

It sounds like you've been very busy but when the weather is as great as it has been, you seem to be energized.

I'm glad the new job is going well and you're enjoying it. I've always found the people in our local hospital to be really nice.

It's nice to hear how Carol is doing...she hasn't updated her site for a long time.

Enjoy the long weekend! Take care.

ellen said...

Yup, 'tis the season for yard work, and I LOVE it. So happy to hear that you are enjoying your new job.

Jona said...

You sound energised! Wish the sun woudl come out here, and then maybe the feeling would catch :o)

Monica said...

Glad your sister is doing better. Your niece continues to be on our prayer list...removal of her name means the wrath of Monica...yep, it's still there.

So summer starts in July there? Daughter got out of school Friday and son gets out this Friday.

And I'm about to be a free and single lady for TWO FULL MONTHS (and three days). Wow.

40spoet said...

hope all is well. happy tuesday!

Fred said...

Enjoy your weekend, too. Tomorrow is the last day of school for us, then off for nine weeks.

My first task? Sleep.

chosha said...

That sounds glorious! It's getting SO COLD here and winter doesn't even officially start for another six days. Brrr.

40spoet said...

today we had temps reaching 26 C. and MUGGY. gross. i hate muggy weather. that being said, i suppose it beats snow. have a good weekend.

LZ Blogger said...

It's been warm and windy here in the Midwest USA for the last few days. Loks like it could be awrm summer! ~ jb///

Anonymous said...

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