Sunday, March 26, 2006

Wish for a Warm Sunny Vacation

A friend emailed me this picture.
It makes me long to be someplace hot and exotic. Somewhere away from all this damp grey weather. Yesterday was actually nice, but today we are back to the wet and gloomies again.

All I can say is thank goodness for really big tarps. We strung one up over the shed building site, so that Keith can work on achieving his splendid erection. When I get home from work tonight I hope I find it up. With a roof on it even! The shed... I'm talking about the shed. If only he had not been working all week he could have had it finished.
Im off to work now. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


Dick said...

Annie always told me that it was okay to look at the flowers as I strolled through the garden of life, just don't try to pick any others. I think a guy especially would have to be dead to not look at something as beautiful as that!

The weather here certainly is different from what I have experienced the last two and a half months in Arizona. I fly back to Tucson Thursday to get my car and I am looking forward to a return to the warm, dry weather. I may get some topless driving in on my way home.

Jona said...

Lol, if she wants the attention she should come here! Dressed like that, she'd stop traffic ;o)

Karen said...

OK, I about busted a gut about "achieving his splendid erection" my mind definitely lives in the gutter! ROFLMAO. I'm glad the tarp kept things dry, in this case wetness causes problems. ;-)


John said...

LOL, I go away for a day or two and look what I miss! ;)