Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Midweek In My Town

The Pole Company

One of the shore front industries. The yard of this business is filled with stacks of beautiful long, tree trunks with their bark removed. Here they are last week with their snow coats on. Most of these logs will be used for utilities such as electricity and phone wires.

The business next door to the pole company makes log cabins. I gather they get their supply of logs convieniently from the pole company. They cut and assemble gorgeous log homes. Some of them huge. We're not talking about your back woods rustic cabin here. These are luxurious dwellings. Once the logs are all cut and placed to perfection, they are dismantled, packed and shipped far from the boundaries of Maple Ridges city limits.


David said...

I would love to have a big pretty log cabin on our farm in Central Texas.

Dick said...

Do you still have snow? It looks like it is going to rain here but the temp was only 48 overnight so it is way too warm for snow.

It is nice to again have a high speed Internet connection & Huggy is enjoying having more space to run around in.

John said...

I bet the logging industry is big money in your area. So much forest! Love those log homes too, so well built and very atteactive too. I like to watch Stargate SG-1, this series is filmed frequently in BC, the scenery is beautiful there. Nice post. :)

BTW, thanks for changing the link Susan, but you changed the URL and not the link name though. It still says Michigan Blog. Just thought you may want to know. ;)

Have a happy humpday!

Jona said...

I dream of living in a log cabin one day :o)

Monica said...

Log cabins? Maple Ridge? wow, I love the quaintness of the sound.