Wednesday, March 15, 2006


We walk alot. Mostly on the expansive dike systems surrounding Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows.
On Sunday day,we walked on a part of the dike that we had never been on before. It was a lesser trodden area. The better known walking areas tend to get fairly busy on a sunny weekend. From this secluded location we were afforded an even more spectacular view of the mountains than any place we have walked before. We ran into the couple in this shot with their SEVEN sheepdogs.I have met her walking them on her own before. They are so well trained. It is amazing to see her in command of this pack. Here we think we have achieved something just by training one dog. She has these guys in sheep dog trials and even bought some acreage and some sheep for practicing. Now thats an expensive hobby. I always thought you got the dogs as a result of having the sheep, not the other way around!
We were treated to the sight of a pair of nesting bald eagles. First we saw the female in her enourmous nest in a distant tree. She started calling out to a male that was circling above. He flew down and landed in the tree above her. She hopped up and joined him on his branch. What happened next had us awestruck. They began mating. Another one of those rare moments and we were privy to it. As soon as he was finished , he flew off
and she went back to her nest. Amazing. If we had been a bit closer, or if my camera had a more powerful zoom, It would have been a shot worthy of National Geographic!!!!

On our way home we passed this farm. These are piles of wood chips. It gets spread in the barn and also in the paddocks to help the animals keep their feet dry during the worst of our rain. The way the evening sun fell across the mound, caused it to appear to be made of gold. It almost had an animated appearance. I just thought it looked a little unreal.


Monica said...

Susan, I am so in awe of your descriptive writing...when are you going to write a book? Do you write poetry? I tune in here more and more with your descriptive writing...I'm truly envious of it. I know YOU are a beautiful person inside and out, I can see it in your writing.

I think that's an expensive hobby for her to have, too. :)

Dick said...

It sounds & looks like Sunday was a great day to go on a walk. I enjoy both your writing & your photos. Please keep the weather up there good. I'll be back in the NW in about a week. Today in Tucson we are expecting a high temp in the upper 70s. I've gotten kind of used to that.

mom said...

Fantastic photos Susan, you really have a knack for photography, also for your prose. Monica raisies a good question, when are you going to put a book together?

Bobbie said...

More great pictures! It's a great area to walk, isn't it. I should get down there more often.

Jona said...

Every time I visit you, it reinforces my belief that IF I ever go on holiday, I want to go where you are!

The wood chip does look an amazing colour, and almost unreal :o)

John said...

Wow, I'm always amazed by the beauty of your home town! Why are there dikes around there? Is there a river or a lake nearby that threatens flooding every so many years? Another great post. :)

Simply Coll said...

I felt as if I was walking beside you .. and really wished I was. What beautiful country. Loved the photos.

No_Newz said...

Great photos here and below. :)
Lois Lane