Thursday, January 19, 2006

Seeing Clearly

Andrew on the Heathrow Express ~ Photo by Keith

Sometimes life goes by at such a hurtling speed that it can seem like it is all a blur. So much going on in our lives that we can start to loose sight of the important things. When things get to a point where you can't even make out a clear picture... then it is definitely time to slow things down.

Looking out at the world that should appear so beautiful, with so much to offer, but all you see is a blur of chaotic life. Maybe you feel that way inside too. Feeling out of control, anxious and panicky. Life is going by so fast, and you have barely begun to live, to appreciate, to have made a difference, to have truly loved.

Time to slow down, take it easier, take time to smell the roses. Slow down enough to allow the view ahead to become clear.

None of us can see what the future holds. Things may get better, may get worse. If we can remember to just enjoy what we have in the present. To take it one day at a time...then just maybe the future will fall into place with less of a frightening pace.

Live for today.


FTS said...

I am so on board with this. I have lived the "Walk fast, carry a clipboard, and look worried" life in the past, and I don't intend to go back.

Simply Coll said...

Life passes all to quickly. Each year just that much faster. Yes.. I am definitely trying to slow down my pace. I don't want to miss a thing.

Barbara said...

I feel that way so much of the time. Somedays I don't even have time to sit and relax. I want to have a life that I can actually enjoy!

Walker said...

Very well put.
We run to work.
Rush to get ready.
Eat fast food.
Drive in the fast lane.
Time to slow down and smell the roses and enjoy what is out there.
I spent so much time running in the past and now being casual and taking my time is so refreshing.
I see so much

August95 said...

Great reminder. It's to easy to wrapped up in it that you forget what is really important to you.

Dick said...

One thing I had to learn to change when I retired was to get out of the "vacation mode." You always seem to be in a hurry when on vacation as it will end & you have soooo much to do before then that you must rush all the time. When you retire, the vacation doesn't end but it takes awhile to get used to that change. I often tell people that my week starts with Sunday, then I have six Saturdays until another Sunday starts the next week.

Bobbie said...

Excellent advise! Sometimes we get so busy we forget to appreciate all the beauty around us.

Monica said...

Excellent advice, friend. I needed this today. Thanks. :)

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Exactly. That's what I've been saying now for a couple of weeks. Rushing, rushing, rushing. Time to slow down and smell that coffee or roses or vanilla (that one's a grampa Joe-ism).... I'm so tired these past few weeks, I just needed to slow down like you have said.