Monday, December 12, 2005

The Day of the Do.

Uncle Jay (Sheila's hubby) oversees the gaming. After this shot, I was accused of taking a picture of his bald spot! The nerve. I didnt even realize he had a bald spot before this! **wink** Carols "Eddie", Joes "Mini Cowboy", Jays Gal "J" and my David played so nicely together in the basement.

The house was open. We had baked all week and tidied up a bit and decorated. The day finally arrived and people actually came and had fun. There were 27 people. Not too many, but enough to clean up a freighter load of dessert!

Keiths dad and mom came too. Here they are with their son. Keiths dad is like Foghorn Leghorn "Son, now let me tell you a thing or two" and when he introduces Keith to people he's so proud of him, he still says "This is my boy, Keith". I guess he'll always be their little boy.

My sisters Carol, Sheila and myself, share some sittin time, while eveyone else was busy chowing down. It was such a nice day we had to shut the drapes so as not to be blinded.

Of course it wouldnt be a party if Cowboy Joe and his kidlets were not there. Here he is with Track Princess. She sure is a sweet, well brought up young lady. Joe..., we are working on, and he's coming along nicely. We've almost got his manners brought up to our very high standards! **Snicker**. I'M KIDDING, he is a true gentleman, thru and thru, really.

I usually take a moment at these events, to just step back and watch all my family and friends chatting, eating and laughing. Grandpa telling tales. My sweetheart doing his Lord of the Manor routine, showing off his latest project or reno. The kids giggling and noisy. I just am so greatful for the life I have. All the love I have. All the many Blessings. I just step back , take it all in for a moment , and say a little prayer of thanks to He who made it all possible. It's not the gifts, the shopping, or the tv specials that make it such a special time. Its the people and the love.

A mighty fine little soiree, as Carol did say.


ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Well, I do have to say, that it was a beautiful afternoon inside and outside. I loved meeting Keith's parents, his Dad was just as interesting to listen to as Fred is and with both together, well, I was in heaven. The kidlets all enjoyed themselves and rolled home stuffed with goodies. Thank you for having us over. Big hugs. (though we have to watch out what keeps happening on the phone, LOL)

carol said...

We had a lovely day with the family, the goodies weren't so bad either. Can we do another one next week? hehehe

Walker said...

Looks like everyone was all smiles and having fun.
Excactly what memories are made of.

deni said...

Nothing like having the blessing of family all around.

Looks like a great time, and wonderful pics.

John said...

Hey, i know that Joe guy! lol! A fun post, i needed a smile tonight. thanks. :)

Merry Christmas!

David said...

Cool thanks for sharing photos of your gathering. I could see the sisters in each one of you.

FTS said...

Now that's what family is all about. I'm envious of you, in a way. My faimly has drifted apart for reasons I won't get into, but I can't help feeling some remorse that it happened.

Merry Christmas :)