Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Fine Young Man and a MEME

Our oldest son has started a blog. He shared his bio with us tonight. We won't pass on his URL, as we are not sure he would want it made so public. What he wrote in there is very touching. This writing shows a maturity of spirit for a boy of this age. His spelling isn't flawless, but then again, neither is his mothers! Daddy got a bit choked up when he read it. It isnt often that fathers recieve compliments and gratitude for all that they do for their teenagers, so this was an emotion stirring piece to read.

Andrews BIO

My name as you probably know, if you've read my info is Andrew. I’ve lived in Canada my whole life, and I love it here. To me it's the best place on earth, its so beautiful and open. Living in Maple Ridge, B.C., I get to experience the beauty of the mountains, and the fullness of nature. In fact I’m so close to the mountains that I can take a ten-minute walk and end up in the forest at the feet of the mountain. Anyone who lives in such a country should be proud. I am 17 years old, soon to be 18 . I have an awesome family. I have two siblings, my brother, David (17), and my sister Heidi (15). I can still remember playing imaginary games with my brother around the house and my sister crying to mom because we wouldn't let her play. We’ve grown up a bit since then, and me being in grade twelve (though my grammar says other words), I try to help my sister through the struggle of growing up. It can be tough, I know. My parents are incredible people. They've helped me through every problem, they've ever known about. My mom has been there to cook a good meal, tuck me in, take me to school, offer counseling, listen, and the list goes on. My dad, what can I say about my dad? He's been there in my life as a councilor, advisor, father figure, and friend. I can really talk to him about anything, not that I cant or don’t talk to my mom, but he seems to have experience the same thins that I’ve gone through, and while I can really talk to him.I’m part of a youth group called the Order of DeMolay. It's an awesome group for guys. I owe allot to who I am to DeMolay. It's a place to make knew friends, and learn leadership and stuff. Allot of people think its a cult because it teaches morals and principles, but I think they only think that because they don’t take the time to learn about us, people tend to think of something as a cult when they hear the word "Order" "teachings". They don’t seem to understand that it doesn’t teach or in force upon its members a certain path that they must conform too, but offers incite that can be interpreted as suits the individual. Allot of famous people have been DeMolays including Walt Disney (so if DeMolay is a cult then today’s children are in trouble). But seriously the groups great and I have made so many friends, and gained so many memories from the order that I cant imagine what my life would be like without it. I also have a girlfriend. Her name is Tylere. I love her dearly, she's just the best. We’ve been going out know for nine months and I’ve enjoyed every moment of my time with her. I don’t want to say too much about her because I don’t know how comfortable she would be with me writing about her on line. All I'll tell you is that she is a good hearted, clear minded, wonderful person and I love her more then words can express. If you know this you know how I feel about her. One more thing you should know is that I am an extremely large nature freak. It pains me to whiteness the pain our race has dealt to our earth. I also believe in equality to all species. I just cannot consider myself superior to another creature. I tell you this, because if there is anything I feel strongly about it is my feelings for these two things.
Tell me... what parent could read that and not be stirred up? Ahh yes... these are those rewards you hear so much about. When all the late night taxi shuttles wear you out, and the hours on the science project boggle your mind. The tears over lost loves and failing grades. All these trials are worth it, when he grows up to be such a terrific young man. We do love our little DREWPY.
On a lighter note........there is a meme going around that is kinda cute. I got tagged with this one and it was fun to do. One of my favorite country groups is the Dixie Chicks. I had to choose song titles of theirs to answer the questions. You can hear clips of their songs at this site.
Music Meme:
Artist/band Dixie Chicks
Are you male or female Dixie Chicks
Describe Yourself Landslide
How do some people feel about you Top of the World
How do you feel about yourself I Believe in Love
Describe where you want to be Wide Open Spaces
Describe what you want to be Truth No. 2
Describe How you Live I'll Take Care of You
Describe how you love I Can Love You Better
Share a few words of wisdom Never Say Die


David said...

If you don't print that out and keep it forever, you should be shot. It was beautiful to read.

FTS said...

I can understand why your husband got a lump in his throat. David's right -- that's a keeper.

ddddddddddddddddddddd said...

Wow, and you said blogger was tooo hard. Now look at you, just posting away and making it such a big long post all about your awesome son. He is way kewl.

And thanks for doing that meme

Monica said...

That's a beautiful tribute from your son and I do believe you'll keep it forever. I have some beautiful cards and letters from my children and one that I keep close to me and have made copies of is a letter from my son when he was in Iraq calling ME his hero...I can never read that thing without crying even today. I posted excerpts from it in July 18-19 called The Letter if you'd like to see it.
Are your boys twins since Andrew said they were both 17?

Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love reading blogs where people love to share about their kids and happy times as well as frustrating ones. :)

carol said...

WOW That Andrew continues to amaze.We are all proud.HMMM he forgot to mention his auntie Carol.